Jeremy Wade goes in search of two giant beasts – a fish so valuable criminals are hunting it out of existence and a man-sized predator that has become the stuff of dreams

Extreme angler’ Jeremy Wade has been catching really big fish for 35 years.

In his pacy new six-part series, Jeremy visits some of the world’s iconic rivers to find out if they’re ‘approaching the point of no return’.

Jeremy Wade's Mighty Rivers - ITV

Jeremy holds up a Round Goby in Kelheim, Germany

His first stop is the Danube, which flows through 10 countries in Europe, where you’d hope standards were high.

Working on the principle that the best way to gauge a river’s health is to see if its big beasts are still there, Jeremy sets out to find three species – the beluga sturgeon (source of caviar), the huchen (a salmon variant) and the Wels catfish.

A fascinating environmental study – and the scenery’s pretty gorgeous, too.

TV Times rating: ****