Jerry has a heart attack

Norris is keen to install some security measures at the Kabin after the recent robbery. Rita is not convinced that CCTV is necessary but there is no stopping Norris. Meanwhile, Kenzie and his gang target Roy in the cafe again and he sends them packing, but this time Darryl and Jerry hear what is going on and give chase.

Jerry is hit by a sudden searing pain and has to stop, while Darryl continues with the chase. Roy is worried about Jerry and takes him to the Rovers to recover. Jerry is in a bad way and collapses in the gents and the concerned regulars insist on calling for an ambulance. Darryl arrives just as his dad passes out and he is frantic as the paramedics whisk him away.

Chesney finally plucks up the courage to ask Kayleigh out but he’s picked a very bad moment and doesn’t get the response that he’d hoped for. Kayleigh is sick with worry about her dad and guilty that she didn’t grass up Kenzie when she had a chance and she tells a gutted Chesney where to go.

Also, Deirdre is stunned by the bill for the bathroom work; Tina visits David and confesses she’d like to be a hairdresser.