Jerry insists Aaron’s a murderer!

It’s day two of Aaron’s trial – and Jerry’s having his say in the witness box. Of course, Jerry witnessed nothing; he wasn’t there when Jackson asked Hazel and Aaron to give him the deadly cocktail of drugs; he wasn’t there when Hazel broke down and Aaron oh, so reluctantly held the drink to Jackson’s lips. But as far as Jerry’s concerned it’s Aaron’s fault that Jackson is dead and that’s what he tells the jury. That’s bad enough for Aaron, but then Adam testifies and tells the court that Aaron told him he killed Jackson!

Ella thinks she has killed off Declan and Katie’s relationship. Wrong! Declan warns Ella to stay away from Katie or he will tell Mia everything. But Katie doesn’t want to be in the middle of a family feud and tells Declan she’s not going to wait for ever while he sorts out his ex and his precious little girl.

Rich girl Scarlett isn’t so rich any more… She has money troubles that have been made worse by Carl’s decision to help himself to some of her dosh and invest it in his business. Jimmy tells Carl about their little sister’s big problems and they decide to pay her back – with interest. Quite right, too!