Jerry’s love shack upsets Gail

Jerry pays the family off to keep out of the way for the evening and sets up a cosy love-nest in Darryl’s shed bedroom. Eileen is impressed when she turns up to discover a candlelit meal and Barry White on the CD player. An unwitting Gail storms over to the shed to tell ‘Darryl’ to turn his music down and she’s scandalised when a grinning Eileen opens the door!

Audrey pays Claire a visit at her mum’s house and hints that Casey has got her feet under the table at the Peacock’s house, hoping it will encourage Claire to come home. Meanwhile, Ashley’s head is spinning over Casey’s revelation that she’s intending to go to London and when Casey tells Ashley that she loves him, he feels even more confused.

Paul convinces Leanne that she should spend more money on making the restaurant a success and defer paying her debt to Roger. The generous plumber is irked when Leanne turns up with only a small repayment of his loan.

Also, Frank and Cilla shake on a deal for her to become his full-time carer.