Jessica is horrified when Kris overhears her on the telephone with Darren and accuses her of betraying her friend. He then informs her that he’s going to tell Zoe the truth. However, both Kris and Jessica are unaware their heated argument is being broadcast on the radio after Kris inadvertently hits the ‘On Air’ button. An alarmed Darren heads straight off to see Zoe.

Jacqui is disgusted with Myra for taking Mercedes’ side, but Myra insists it is Mercedes’ right to decide if she wanted an abortion. Emotionally unstable Mercedes ends up going to The Loft where she humiliates herself by dancing drunkenly and provocatively, before being chucked out by Warren. Elsewhere, overcome with sympathy and wanting to help her sister feel better, Tina makes Jacqui a shock offer.

Nancy offers to help Newt with his studies when she discovers he is dyslexic. But Jake is not impressed when he returns home to find books on dyslexia, and worries whether Nancy will have the time to get so involved in Newt’s problems. However, Nancy explains that kids like Newt need help, but Jake worries that history will repeat itself.