With Warren’s midnight deadline looming, Darren is even more determined to win The Dog back. His luck holds and he ends up winning £200,000 on a gambling accumulator. Jess is delighted and starts planning what to spend their winnings on. But she’s crushed when Darren tells her they won’t be going anywhere together – he intends to get Jack his pub back and wants to win Zoe back too. Darren heads for a showdown with Warren but is shocked to discover the cash gone, and Jessica with it.

The Dog is being prepared for New Year’s Eve and Jake has set up a romantic night in for two. But Jake’s annoyed when it’s clear Nancy would rather go out with Malachy and Russ. Later, Jake helps in the bar while Nancy is sick into the river. Desperately searching for his absent girlfriend, Jake finds her discarded engagement ring on the patio and is furious that Nancy seems to have so little respect for their relationship…

Carmel worries about the dangers of Calvin working on New Year’s Eve, and it seems her fears are well founded when she spots a bomb in an abandoned vehicle at The Dog car park.

Also, Summer tells OB how she feels at the stroke of midnight.