Jess throws a party

The students decide to throw a party to celebrate Kris returning and John-Paul moving in. But with no hot water, it’s left to Jessica to get a plumber in and ask the students for a contribution towards the bill. To save some money, Jessica gets Danny Valentine to fix the boiler, deciding to keep the extra cash left over. But Jessica’s latest get-rich-quick scheme ends up having bigger consequences than she could have imagined.

Still mortified by Justin’s public declaration of love for her, Katy is gutted when he turns up to the party in halls. Jealous of Katy’s closeness with John-Paul, Justin ends up storming out.

Carmel does her best to avoid Russ at the halls party, but he is determined to sort things out between them. But Carmel is worried about how Mercedes would react if she found out about her new friendship with Russ.

Rhys has another date with Beth but is torn between meeting up with her and visiting Hannah in hospital. Later, Rhys tells his dad how much he likes Beth but Neville isn’t sure whether to believe his son could really be in love this time.