After his mother’s cremation, Jesse brings his father, Thomas, onto AAU when he has a fall. It’s clear Jesse has a strained relationship with Thomas, especially when he leaves his sick father alone on the ward. Jesse then bumps into Mo, who’s own mother, Ina, is up on Darwin with end-stage heart failure.

When Ina deteriorates, Mo fears her mum will die if they don’t operate – but there’s a Do Not Resuscitate order in place, which prohibits this. Jesse, however, reveals Ina had just verbally withdrawn the DNR and wants to help – he’s just lost his mum, he doesn’t want Mo to lose hers, too!

Later, when Jesse discovers Thomas has been refusing treatment for diabetes, saying he has nothing to live for now his wife is gone, he decides he needs to start putting his father first.  Jesse then shocks his colleagues by revealing he’s leaving Holby!

Also, Ric takes the case of a patient with an injury to a very delicate part of his anatomy very seriously, but a shared interest in poker and boxing help Ric to find his own funny bone.