Jesse tells Goldie they should go on the run together but will she agree?

Jesse is relieved to see Goldie show up and suggests they go on the run before his trial starts

Jesse is panicking about his court date for his drug smuggling escapades but feels a wave of relief when Goldie shows up at the salon!

He tries to convince her that they should go on the run together but it seems like she’s got more urgent things to worry about.

The mum is  furious to discover the mess that her son Prince and Peri have got themselves into and puts them in charge of babysitting Carmina to give them some baby-care practice!

However later on, Peri gets into an argument with Leela and when her mum tries to drag her home she accidentally pulls her over and sends her flying.

Cunning Peri, who’s been faking a pregnancy, immediately seizes the opportunity to pretend she’s lost the baby but is her deception about to be rumbled?