Jesse Law fled Holby earlier this year after CEO Guy Self discovered his old friend had been seeing his daughter Zosia – and punched him! So Guy’s none too pleased to discover Jac Naylor’s hired Jesse as the new consultant anaesthetist on Darwin – but he professionally welcomes him back to Holby. Jesse’s soon making his presence felt, however, when he questions if surgeon Mo Effanga has the skills to carry out an experimental procedure on heart patient, Nathan. Keen to prove that, as well as being radio star ‘Dr Mo’, she can handle cutting-edge surgery like Jac, Mo dismisses Jesse’s concerns and he assists her in theatre.

But when complications arise and Mo, her confidence shattered, feels Jac should complete the op, Jesse delivers some home truths – does she want to be a ‘media clown’ while the same old faces get the glory? Jesse’s words spur Mo on and she saves Nathan’s life. Impressed, Jesse suggests they should team up to give the likes of Jac and Guy a run for their money. Will Mo go for his idea?

When her mother, Adrienne, is brought in for treatment, Serena is determined to handle things calmly. But when her daughter Eleanor turns up wanting to know what’s wrong, will Serena be able to shield her from the extent of Adrienne’s illness?

Also, Sacha’s nose is put out of joint as new consultant, Fleur, makes herself comfortable on Keller. Has Sacha met his match?