Jesse sets his sights on Leela…

Liam asks Tegan to join him at The Dog for a drink but, when Jesse wants to tag along, he also invites Leela. Meanwhile, Peri and Jade are competing in the school talent show, and Cameron’s furious when Peri takes to the stage and Leela isn’t there… she’s trying to escape from The Dog but Jesse’s having fun trying to stop her. As Jade wins the talent contest, a furious Cameron storms the stage to rip the trophy from her hands and give it to Peri. Horrified, Peri runs off and Cameron realises he’s blown it again. Later, Cameron’s further annoyed when he sees a text from ‘J’ on Leela’s phone.

Ste’s been out all night and Harry’s worried about Ste’s mindset when he reveals he nearly fell off the wagon. Elsewhere, Marnie’s furious James has fired her kitchen staff and asks Diane and Tony if they want their jobs back, then James offers Ste a job in the kitchen. Later, during his trial at James and Marnie’s flat, Ste spots a clue to Harry’s abduction and realises James was the kidnapper. James is confused when Ste makes a quick exit. Later, Ste and worried Harry watch as James is arrested!

Also, Louis is concerned about Lisa and tries to reason with her about her behaviour – but she just shuts him out.