Jessica hits on Kris’ brother

Kris is forced to change his dress-wearing, bi-curious ways when his brother Malachy turns up to visit. With Malachy oblivious to what his brother is really like, Kris quickly abandons his make-up and starts acting the ‘normal bloke’, much to everyone’s surprise.

And he is almost caught out in front of his brother at The Dog when Russ asks him where his high-heels and lipgloss have gone. Meanwhile, Jessica finds it difficult to disguise her disappointment with Kris’s behaviour and gets her own back on him by snogging Malachy and inviting him back to her room.

When Carmel spills the beans to an already suspicious Warren about Russ’s plans to propose to Mercedes, Warren attempts to seduce her himself.

Nancy worries that Hannah isn’t over John-Paul and quizzes him to make sure he isn’t leading her on. Hannah attempts to put Nancy off the scent by flirting with Malachy at The Dog, but Nancy thinks that Hannah’s trying a bit too hard.

Later, Hannah realises that it’s going to be tough to stay friends with John-Paul during a visit where she gives him some cufflinks for Jacqui’s wedding. Depressed, she returns home and can’t resist reverting back to her old ways to deal with her mixed-up feelings.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday April 17*