Jessica arrives late for work after struggling to leave a chaotic house with little help from Sean. As the team deal with a stream of casualties, Jessica collapses and Tess asks if she could be pregnant. After receiving some flowers from Sean, Jessica tells Tess she is pregnant and doesn’t know what to do. Later, Jessica learns she is actually five months’ gone, making a termination difficult.

Having spent the night in a police cell after passing out drunk, Toby too arrives late. Ruth questions whether Toby’s drinking was to do with what happened with Ben, but he dismisses it. Later, Ruth fears that Ben took advantage of Toby’s vulnerability and tells Jordan she wants to report a case of sexual harassment. A worried Jordan assumes it’s to do with him – but Ruth insists she’s acting for Toby.

Zoe worries when she suspects that a young girl, Addie, is being neglected but Jessica diagnoses an overactive thyroid, and Tess tackles Charlie about Jay, but is pleased when she sees Jay hard at work. Also, Adam reflects on his past relationship with Jessica.