Still in her coma, Jessica’s mind wanders between the past and the present as she battles for her life. Flashing back to 1998 when she was a young nurse in a different hospital with her friend Linda (played by Christine Tremarco, better known as Waterloo Road’s Davina Shackleton) we see a very different side to Jessica. Her Liverpudlian accent was much more pronounced and she even dabbled in drugs with her friend once. However, when she meets Sean, a different side to her emerges…

Meanwhile, back in the present Adam has switched off emotionally as he struggles to deal with Jessica’s condition. And Jessica’s pal from her early nursing days, Linda, makes an unexpected visit.

Through continued flashback scenes we find out how Jessica came to be with Adam, when Sean became overbearing during their marriage, insisting on her getting elocution lessons and giving up work when she was pregnant.

Back in real time as Jessica heads to surgery, Adam and Linda have a heart-to-heart. Adam reveals he met Jessica when she was still married to Sean while Linda discloses she and Jessica went their separate ways after an argument about her unhappy marriage to Sean.

Linda leaves making Adam promise not to reveal she was there and Jessica wakes up from her coma, turning her back on Adam.