Jessica makes an impact on A&E

Adam gets a shock when the girl he met in the bar turns out to be agency nurse Jessica, who turns up at A&E for her first shift. Tess and Jess get off to a bad start – but when Jess proves that she’s a very good worker, Tess is suitably impressed. Later, Jessica tells Adam that their night of passion was a mistake.

Having spent all night typing up case reports for Adam, Ruth arrives at work in a good mood – that’s until a distressing suicide case is brought in. Ruth is unable to save the patient and as she delivers the devastating news to the patient’s wife, she reveals that her own mother committed suicide many years ago.

Maggie is pleasantly surprised when Toby asks her out for dinner. Assuming he’s keen to be alone with her, Maggie is excited about what the evening has in store. But Maggie is shocked when her daughter turns up – and she’s heavily pregnant.

Also, Adam helps Kelsey to alter her internet dating profile to attract more men; and Greg has the day from hell.

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