Jessica opens up to Adam

Jessica’s overjoyed when she receives a DVD with footage of her children Lucas and Amelia. She’s so happy she enjoys some banter with Adam for the first time since their affair was exposed. But her good mood turns to despair after she watches the DVD and realises it doesn’t give her a clue where in the world her kids could be. Completely distraught, she opens up to Adam and reveals that Sean has left her and taken the kids abroad…

Ruth realises her life is all work and no play so, in a bid to make a change, she buys a dress and heads out for a night on the town. However, when she’s chatted up by a guy in the bar she bores him with work talk and he tells her she needs to get a life.

There’s a new arrival to the ambulance team. Polly Emerson (Sophia Di Martino) is so keen to start work she turns up a day early! The gang find her a bit too enthusiastic and aren’t keen on her habit of hugging everyone.

Curtis continues to insist he has no feelings for Alice but she knows better and confronts him. After a heart-to-heart the star-crossed lovers are reunited.

Elsewhere, Kelsey drives everyone nuts with her incessant talk about Thailand; Jordan has a bad dizzy spell and hides in the toilets till it passes; and Big Mac is arrested in front of the rest of the team!

*Coming soon: an exclusive interview with Big Mac actor Charles Dale*