Jessica: Torn between two lovers

As Jessica and Sean drop the children off at school, Sean’s mind is clearly on other things as he sends Zoe a text, asking to see her. But Zoe has decided to turn over a new leaf, which means there’s no room in her life for Sean, and she deletes his message without reading it.

Determined to make Jessica see what she’s missing, Adam whisks her away for lunch – he’s been cooking a meal on the engine of his car, which Alice has had to drive around the car park for an hour. Jessica is won over and they steal a kiss but, when she spots her husband, she breaks away and gets out of the car.

Abs’ friend, Stacey, is drowning his sorrows after losing his job. He ends up in A & E after burning his arm, but when Abs confronts him on the state of his liver, drunken Stacey tries to drive off in his car, narrowly missing Abs.

Also, Ruth returns to clinical duties, and Zoe, Sean and Jessica tend to a 14-year-old boy involved in a road accident.