Jessica’s baby heartache

Adam arrives at work this week with a resignation letter for Jordan and angrily insists the Lead Consultant comes clean about his illness.

Sharice and Zoe share an emotional goodbye as Sharice goes to live with her grandparents. Zoe gives her foster-daughter a mobile phone so they can keep in touch.

Jessica’s stunned when her mother-in-law Maureen turns up at the hospital just as she’s being discharged with baby Harry. Maureen claims to have a message from Sean and that she may be able to speak to him and her children later…

Meanwhile, Jessica tries to get Adam interested in Harry but still hasn’t told him that he may be the father! Adam is consumed with trying to get Jordan to admit he’s ill. Yet when his rival freezes during a procedure, Adam rushes in to rescue the situation.

DI Moreland tries to convince Curtis to testify against Tony. After much deliberation Curtis agrees, with Alice’s support, to stand up to the drug king of Farmead no matter what the consequences. And it’s not all doom and gloom – he takes time out to proppose and Alice accepts!

Back at Jessica’s flat, there is no sign of Sean calling and when Maureen leaves the room she searches her mother-in-law’s bag for her phone – only to discover Maureen has a sample of Harry’s hair for DNA testing. Jessica throws Maureen out and tells her Sean isn’t Harry’s father but her victory over her mother-in-law is short-lived with she notices baby Harry has stopped breathing.