Jessica’s bad day ends in tragedy

After clashing with Sean over their trip to Saudi Arabia, Jessica’s day goes from bad to worse when Zoe crashes into their car, then blacks out while treating a patient and then Adam tells her that they never would have worked as a couple. Later, a weary Jessica arrives home but as she makes her way upstairs, she blacks out and falls over the banister. Hanging on, Jessica’s eyes flicker and she falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, a furious Ruth thinks that Jordan was responsible for her unsuccessful interview for the surgical rotation but he tells her it’s her attitude and people skills that are letting her down. But Toby is unsympathetic to Ruth’s plight, reminding her that she betrayed him with she reported Ben to Jordan, and Kelsey hears their arguing. Later, Toby urges Kelsey to quash the rumours that he’s gay.

When Alex is brought into the Emergency Department after suffering burns while attempting to cook, Adam is keen to help. But Alex gets angry when Adam tries to take control of his life by sacking his carer, Molly.

And Curtis allays Alice’s fears that he’s ashamed of her with a kiss.