Jessica’s secret is out!

In A & E, Jessica and Adam’s attraction is obvious as they fail to stay apart. But then Jessica makes an innocent mistake that exposes her secret to everyone. She retrieves Sean’s watch, which fell off in surgery, and as she hands it back to him, her simple act makes it clear that they are married. Adam is hurt and furious, while Zoe is stunned.

Meanwhile, it’s Ruth’s day off and she’s alone in her room and again on the verge of suicide. While out running, Ruth witnesses an accident and pulls one of the victims out of the way of a motorbike. Her care and treatment of those involved is praised by her colleagues. And having saved a patient’s life, Ruth ends the day smiling.

Also, Toby’s having the day from hell when he gets an ear-bashing from Sean. But, later, when he receives a kiss from Joanne, he’s on cloud nine and suddenly things don’t seem that bad after all.