Jessica’s world falls apart

Jessica faces every mother’s worst nightmare when her son, Lucas, is hit by a speeding car. Her agony is compounded because, while she was in bed with Adam, she had ignored a call from her childminder telling her to collect Lucas from school. A frantic Jessica arrives at the hospital to find that Lucas may lose a foot unless the team acts quickly.

The pressure of working on his own son proves too much for Sean, so Adam takes over and Sean and Jessica come together at Lucas’s bedside. Then Lucas loses consciousness and it seems his injuries are worse than first thought. A frantic Jess makes a promise to God: save Lucas and she’ll give up Adam – for good.

Meanwhile, Snezana is revealed to be the mystery medicine thief when Jeff catches her red-handed. He can’t bring himself to report her when she tells him he will be hurting people who need her help but he insists there must be no more thefts.

And Charlie vows to clear Maggie’s name over Kris Kemp’s death but when Marilyn finds out that he’s broken into her computer she threatens him with suspension.