Jess’s health rapidly deteriorates

Mandy visits Vanessa and daughter Jess ahead of tomorrow’s hearing. Jess says she wants to stay with her mum and begs Mandy not to let them take her away. Mandy is shocked by Vanessa’s attitude to healthy eating when she brings in a salad smothered in mayo and cheese, but Vanessa insists she’s not a bad mother and does want Jess to lose weight. Jess begins to feel unwell but Vanessa’s too scared to call a doctor.

Mandy’s sure she can help the family but social worker Fleur puts doubt in her mind when she explains the extent to which they’ve already tried to help without any significant changes. Fleur isn’t sure that separating them will even help and is glad someone else has to make that decision. Meanwhile, Jess’s condition deteriorates forcing Vanessa to call for help and Zara attends. 

Jess needs to be taken to hospital where registrar Dr Newport suspects Jess is suffering from pancreatitis. He and Zara work out that Jess is ill because Vanessa has failed to maintain her healthy diet and hasn’t been forcing her to take her medication. Zara informs a tearful Vanessa that, in no uncertain terms, her daughter could die!