Leah is being transferred to a city hospital to receive specialist neurosurgical care, but she may never wake up from her coma. VJ struggles to accept Zac’s support and lets off steam with Jett by convincing him to steal the Polaris for a joyride. However, when Jett tries to return the Polaris to the caravan park, he ends up crashing it into a tent.

Oscar arrives in the city, while Roo apologises for losing her temper with Spencer. Spencer mentions Maddy loves music and Roo notices her violin is missing. They tell Oscar, who notices a picture of a gazebo. Oscar finds the gazebo and finds Maddy. She refuses to come home but when he tells her about the crash and makes it clear it refuses to leave without her.

Meanwhile, John gives Zac some advice on dealing with a grieving child and tells him not to make everything seem normal. When VJ gets home, he and Zac have a heart to heart.