Jett, Chris and Spencer get a shock at the caravan park

John recruits Jett, Spencer and Chris to help clean up the caravan park to take some pressure off Alf, but when the boys discover marijuana under Andy and Josh’s van, what will they do?

Roo has developed meningoencephalitis, but Nate can’t work out how she contracted the illness. Nate asks Alf if Roo went anywhere besides Las Vegas? Alf calls Colleen and finds out his daughter left America weeks ago, but where did she travel afterwards?

Sophie goes to the hospital with food for Nate, but the doctor is concerned that his girlfriend may steal some medication and offers to walk her out. Sophie sees through his offer and leaves upset and hurt. Later, Nate shows up at her motel, where Sophie tells him if he doesn’t trust her they have no future.

Heath tells Ricky that there is no point in lying about not wanting children, but Ricky is determined to put her relationship first. Later, Heath and Darcy do some daddy-daughter bonding and Sophie reassures Heath that Darcy has been on best behaviour, giving his custody hopes a great chance.