Jett discovers Gina’s meddling

Working with Jett on a school assignment, VJ finds his Richard Bozic list and encourages him to keep searching for his father. Then Jett finds that a page is missing from the list and realises that Gina has taken it. Furious with her, he confronts her in school and Gina’s guilt drives her to find Jett’s father herself.

Lottie is struggling to choose between her parents but when Alf encourages her to focus on what she really wants and not to worry about other people, she is finally able to decide. Harvey is overjoyed to hear she wants to stay in Summer Bay but now Lottie has to tell Mel…

April and Dex’s feud persists but after some sound advice from Irene and Sasha, both come to the conclusion they need to sort things out. Dex admits to feeling jealous over the feelings April once had for Heath and April admits her ego was hurt that Heath could commit to Bianca but not to her. With their feelings aired, their relationship continues even stronger than before.