Jett doesn’t want to leave

Jett doesn’t want to go with his father and Gina tries to come to a compromise with Richard. But Richard puts his foot down; he’s got a job in Western Australia and Jett is going with him. Further attempts to reason with him only provoke Richard into calling the police and Jett agrees to go with his father to avoid any further trouble, leading to tearful goodbyes from Gina and John.

Indi’s concerned that Romeo will find out about her relationship with Liam before they’ve had a chance to tell him themselves, so Liam offers to break the news to him. Romeo is stunned and later confronts Indi, asking whether she really wants Liam more than she wants him. He’s clearly hurt at her answer and, when Liam returns home, he finds Romeo packed and moving out. They are no longer friends.

Roo tells Tim he should be hiring her for his project and he agrees, much to Harvey’s annoyance. He believes this is all a set-up to bring Roo closer to Tim. Later, Harvey warns Tim to back off but it’s very clear that Tim has no intention of doing so.