Jett has a plan to deal with Tilda

Maddy advises Jett to get the upper hand with Tilda and he decides to put a plan of action in place. He writes her essay for her and hands it in to Gina who wants to read it to the class. Tilda is happy to let her do so until the essay reveals an admission of bullying… and that she has a crush on Jett! Tilda is caught in a trap and Gina has to suspend her. She tries to intimidate Jett but he turns the table on her, making her the laughing stock.

Casey tells Tamara he’s going to carry on with his schooling, prompting her to enrol at Summer Bay High. Once she realises she has to wear the uniform, however, her enthusiasm fades. She turns up on her first day in her normal clothes but Gina insists she wears the uniform. Then Tamara wears the boys’ uniform and when Gina objects again, Tamara heads home. Casey starts to think there’s something other than the uniform bothering her and she confesses that it’s mainly because she’s older than the other pupils. Later, Zac arrives with bad news – Casey’s going to have to go back to prison…

Maddy and Roo are arguing a lot and Spencer realises it’s affecting Roo. Marilyn tries to help but her mediation session only erupts into a row. Both parties feel bad, however, and Maddy admits she argues because she feels so comfortable around Roo, something she’s never had with her mother. Alf is concerned, though, telling Roo and Harvey that they need to spend more time looking after their own relationship.