Jett is at the Walkers for dinner but Indi’s getting worried about Romeo who’s not returned home. He’s lying unconscious and when he comes to he’s lucky that Maddy and Spencer are nearby and hear his calls. They inform Roo and Romeo is soon released, and Jett is astonished to see him arrive at The Farm with Gina, John and Alf, all wanting answers. The following day, Indi meets with Jett and tells him that nothing’s going to happen between them. She’ll still be his friend though, to Jett’s delight.

Roo’s been worried sick about Maddy and Spencer and she and Harvey want some answers when they turn up out of the blue. Spencer lies that Maddy’s been to hospital for a few days and, though Harvey’s suspicious, Roo sets them up in a caravan. Later, Maddy suggests to Spencer that they might be able to trust Roo after all, she’s sick of lying. But they can’t reveal their secret… they’re not brother and sister.

Also, the Walkers have been trying to cheer Sid up by trying to make him feel more included in their lives. Sid, however, sees right through what Dex calls ‘Operation Warm and Fuzzy’ and tells them to stop trying so hard.