Gina and John want to take the next step towards adopting Jett but caseworker Mollie is concerned that Jett’s father, Richard, could cause problems. Jett isn’t worried, believing Richard doesn’t want anything to do with him but Mollie warns that things could get awkward and wants to know that he knows what he’s getting into. Jett impresses her with a moving declaration of his love for Gina and John but Mollie later reports that Richard is coming down to have a discussion.

Tamara tells Casey that she thinks Kyle is interested in her but he dismisses her concerns, thinking he’s just showing his appreciation for getting him off the charges. Tamara is worried, however, and when she realises Kyle has rostered her onto the late shift, she tries to get out of it but eventually ends up alone with him. Kyle tells her he can’t stop thinking about her and he knows she feels the same way. Tamara vehemently disagrees.

Rosie is kissing one of her new friends, Mullo, in the diner and Roo asks Sasha to get them to stop. Rosie, however, accuses her of not wanting anyone else to have her as a friend. Later, Sasha learns that the boys are rubbishing her behind her back and turns to Tamara for advice. A short while later, Sasha tells the boys to leave Rosie alone or they’ll have her to answer to and when this raises a laugh, Sasha pours Mullo’s drink in his lap.