Jett’s determined to try to get Indi to himself and tries to create friction between Romeo and Indi. First he deletes Romeo’s text cancelling their breakfast date, but Indi takes the issue lightly so Jett tries harder, rubbing lipstick on Romeo’s collar to make Indi think he’s seeing someone. Again his plan fails, but Romeo later confronts him. He accuses Jett of deliberately trying to make him look bad because he has a crush on Indi. Jett, however, denies everything.

Casey starts work in the prison kitchen where Courtney demands he acts as a courier for him. Drugs are being smuggled into the jail in food sacks and he wants Casey to deliver them to him… or else. Casey finds the drugs but when Courtney comes calling for them, he tells them he’s flushed them. He’s not doing his dirty work.

Sasha has started Year 11 again and seems to have landed herself with chatterbox Rosie as a partner. At first, Rosie seems a handful, even landing them both in the water on a beach field trip, but they end up having dinner together and find they have more in common than Sasha first thought.

And more money has been stolen from the caravan park and the diner and Alf’s sure it’s the rough-sleeping teens, Spencer and Maddy. But suspicions are redirected when the money is handed back and Celia seems to be somehow connected.