Richard Bozic shows up at Gina’s with news of Jett’s behaviour, but he’s persuaded to stay and talk to Jett himself. Jett and Richard take a long walk to get to know each other while John and Gina look on. Jett returns home hopeful but after Richard goes for a beer with John, he heads home, admitting he can’t handle getting further involved. Jett is devastated to learn Richard has walked away.

Irene discovers that Heath hasn’t got a family Barbie to go to and spots him at the beach, and when Bianca finds out she’s not amused. Heath meets her at the hospital and apologises, explaining he needed some space and Bianca forgives him, admitting she feels nervous, too.

Danny Braxton is nowhere to be seen, leading Alf to suggest he’s run off. Marilyn defends him, however, and decides to snoop around Danny’s caravan, but Heath catches her red-handed so Marilyn makes her apologies and leaves. Heath, however, finds a stack of returned letters addressed to his family.

Demanding an explanation from Brax, he learns that contact from their jailbird father was the last thing Brax needed when he was struggling to bring up his brothers, but Heath is not amused…