Jett’s in trouble again!

Gina asks John to make an effort to make Jett feel welcome and he starts by getting him to do a paid day’s work at the surf club. But John works him hard and a fed-up Jett steals a wallet from a bag outside the club. He’s soon caught by John, though, and Gina has to lay down the law – he has to change his behaviour if he’s to stay with them. Later, Jett heads to the bus stop with the intention of leaving but John catches up with him again, promising to go easy on him if he returns of his own accord.

With Lottie coming to stay at Summer Bay House, Ruby suggests to Romeo that they find a place of their own, though Romeo isn’t that pleased about the idea. He tries to chat with Indi on the beach but she gives him the cold shoulder. Later, he realises that Ruby’s had a hand in this and Indi has been warned off.

Hayley encourages Liam to have a glass of wine and it seems like he’s on a slippery slope when he has a few more the following day. Then Liam discovers that Hayley has hidden her cocaine in her drawer. Will his drinking lead to other things?