After spending the night with Michael in a hotel room, Sian turns up late to work. Jez, thinking she stayed at her friend’s house, firstly thinks nothing of Sian’s behaviour. However, as the day goes on, he becomes increasingly suspicious about Sian’s story…

Trudi reveals that her father has organised an arranged marriage for her, but says that she’s unhappy about it because she’s not in love with the boy that she’s set to marry. Finn and Trudi reveal that they miss each other, and an angry Tariq sees them in the
corridor getting close.

Meanwhile, Jez takes the opportunity to go into Sian’s car while she’s not looking. He opens her sat-nav and looks at the last place that she visited – a hotel. He goes into Michael’s office, and finds a pen on his desk with the same hotel’s name on. Putting two
and two together, he’s devastated. He confronts Sian, and she admits everything. Jez then finds Michael and punches him in the face.

Then Tom, who’s witnessed all of this, decides enough is enough and hands in his resignation notice.