Carmel is upset by a magazine article that’s been printed about her tanning accident which makes her feels like a freak again. After her public humiliation, she wonders if anyone will come to her rescue. Jim decides to blackmail Carmel – he’ll keep her cover-up quiet, if she’ll go out with him on Valentine’s day…

It’s a big day for Mitzeee. She is still wondering whether she should tell Carl about the baby but when he asks Mitzeee to fulfil a vital task, she wonders whether she will be able to go through with it.

Amy vows to take her children away from Hollyoaks and Ste is left, a broken man as his children walk out of his life.

Also, it’s clear that Kevin is the one who called Amy and Walker is happy as she walks away with the kids, leaving a rocked Ste and Brendan behind.