Stacey takes Dot out shopping to get her out of the way while her friends and family prepare for Jim’s party. Dot is stunned when she gets back early to find the party preparations well underway and she realises that Stacey and Bradley are planning on bringing Jim back to Walford.

Bradley turns up with Jim, and Dot’s worries are put aside as she has an emotional reunion with her husband. Jim is in a wheelchair and still hasn’t regained his speech. Dot apologises to Jim for not looking after him and he hugs her. When it’s time for Jim to return to the care home, Dot makes a promise to bring Jim home as soon as she can.

Max looks forward to Tanya and the kids returning from holiday and leaves flowers and some groceries as a welcome home present. Max goes to Jim’s party, but he is left angry when Jim makes it clear he’d rather see Jack than him. Max’s day gets even worse when Jack phones to stay that he and the family are extending their holiday.

Also, Bianca vows never to have Ricky in her bed again when he wakes up unintentionally rather ‘over-excited’!