Jim confronts Peter in his cell

Tracy begs Steve to keep quiet about Jim’s alcohol racket, worried Peter will pay the price, but Steve vows to confront his dad. At the prison, Jim explains how desperate he was to see Steve and that he had no idea how ill Peter was. Later, Peter is in danger of a beating when Jim storms into his cell…

Michael fears he’s destined to die young like his father and admits to Gail that he’s been experiencing heart palpitations and dizzy spells. A worried Gail insists that he needs to see a doctor.

When Maddie and Sophie take Eccles out for a secret walk they’re busted by Ken who spots them in the ginnel. Simon’s forced to explain they were keeping her safe from Tracy, who still insists on having her put down.

Also, Mary feels threatened by Julie muscling in on her cosy set-up with the Alahans.