Liz wakes up a bundle of nerves on the morning of her wedding and she admits to Deirdre that Jim’s reappearance has given her second thoughts about settling for dependable Vernon. Liz tells Deirdre that she can’t go through with the ceremony and asks her to go to the register office and tell all the guests that it’s off.

Jim finds Liz and tells her that he’s still in love with her. She reveals that although she is unsure whether she loves Vernon, she hasn’t loved Jim for years. Vernon nips back to the Rovers and finds Jim shouting at Liz that Vernon doesn’t deserve her. Vernon attacks Jim and sends him packing. Vernon tells Liz to get her skates on and Liz feels obliged to go through with the wedding.

Rosie feels guilty when Sally admits she’s terrified that Kevin will be sent to prison and she is hurt when her parents ban her from Liz and Vernon’s wedding in case she bumps into Fiz. Rosie later miserably tells Sally that she would like to return to private school, but Sally isn’t interested in her requests.

Also, Gail feels guilty that she took Sarah’s word over David’s and he is bitter about her lack of trust.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liz and Vernon arrive at the register office, but Liz is terrified that Steve may not have been able to get hold of Deirdre and stop her from sending home the guests. Everyone has already started to make their way out, but Steve and Deirdre get to them in time and herd them back in. Vernon is bleeding after his scrap with Jim and he hobbles down the aisle, supported by a dishevelled Liz.

At the reception, Liz tells Deirdre that she couldn’t bring herself to dump Vernon, Deirdre is not convinced. Vernon breaks down during his groom’s speech and Liz takes over and tells her guests that her new hubby is the kindest man in the world. But will that be enough?

Carla returns from her trip to Paris and boasts about planning a holiday in the Maldives with Tony. Liam and Maria get fed up with Carla’s crowing and they sneak out to the backyard of the pub for the countdown to New Year. The couple are loved up as they watch the fireworks together and they decide to go on a mini-break of their own.

Also, a drunk Fiz snogs Dev as the clock strikes 12, while Becky plants a smacker on a miserable Jason!