Anya makes an effort with Jim, but he makes it clear he thinks she’s pulling a fast one and he reveals that he’s already called immigration. Dot is devastated when the immigration officers turn up and she begs Jim to help Anya and Tomas. Jim and Dot flee with Anya and the baby to the church, but they’re followed by the officers and cornered. Anya sneaks the baby to Dot before she’s led away and she whispers to Dot that she trusts her…

Garry brings Hazel back to the flat and when Minty walks in and sees her he’s instantly smitten! Garry’s mortified when Hazel starts flirting back and he warns Minty to leave her alone. Garry is put through more embarrassment when Hazel goes through the family photos with Naomi and Minty, who think it’s hilarious when they see pictures of Garry as a young lad.

Also, Mo is freaked out after hearing a baby crying in Dot and Jim’s house after Abi tells her that it must be the ghost of Garry and Lynne’s dead baby! Mo falls for Abi’s cheeky explanation and tells Charlie that it’s payback for her constant jibes at Garry.

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