Peter’s cellmate reveals there’s an inmate known as the Landlord who illegally sells alcohol to the prisoners. Peter pays him a visit and is shocked to discover that the Landlord is none other than Jim McDonald!

Meanwhile, Ken tells Rob he’s hired a new solicitor for Peter, as he’s determined to find the real murderer. Rob’s unnerved.

Lloyd meets Andrea where she tells him she’s left Neil for good and has been sleeping on a friend’s sofa as she has nowhere to go. It’s evident there’s still a spark between them, but as Andrea lays her heart on the line and tells Lloyd that she loves him, he tries his hardest not to succumb to her charms and agree to take her back.

Kirk rushes Beth to the doctors after she suffers an allergic reaction to the bath bomb. It’s easily treated, but Kirk confides in Chesney that Beth’s health scare has made him realise how much he loves her and wants to marry her.