Steve picks up Jim from prison and he broaches the subject of Liz’s wedding plans. Jim seems surprisingly happy for his ex and he assures Steve that he realises he blew his chance with Liz years ago. Steve is relieved by Jim’s attitude, but there’s still the small matter of telling Liz that Jim is out of prison.

Liam is increasingly wound up by Carla and Tony’s relationship and he tells Carla that he’s not happy about doing business with one of her flings. Carla insists that her relationship with Tony has nothing to do with the business and Liam decides to do a bit of digging on Tony to split them up. Later, Liam promises Maria that he wants to be with her, whatever they decide to do about the baby.

Rosie is furious when she receives a ‘C’ for her essay and she confronts John and convinces him to bump her up to an ‘A’. Sally, meanwhile, has received a ‘C’ for the same project and John has to do some fast-talking when a miffed Sally reads Rosie’s poor essay and discovers that John has given her an ‘A’.

Also, Ryan is followed by a mystery car.