Lord Ashfordly’s new estate manager, ‘Jimbo’ causes outrage in the village when he ups the rent. Unable to pay the increase, Brian Rogers faces eviction and Pc Rob Walker accompanies Jimbo to Rogers’ cottage to make sure the eviction doesn’t get out of hand. Rogers angrily states that Jimbo should return to work in Africa, where they obviously treat people differently.

Later, everyone’s in The Snug waiting to pay their rent to Jimbo when tenant Frank Jackson announces that he thinks they’ll all face eviction like Rogers. Then Rosie arrives with a frail Winnie to pay their rent; she’s worried about what the increase will mean for Winnie and her farm. On leaving the pub with the rent money, Jimbo sees that someone has sabotaged his car.

At the police station, Ashfordly demands that Miller and his team do everything they can to find the culprit. Ashfordly takes offence when Miller suggests that Jimbo hasn’t adjusted to life in Aidensfield.
At the garage, Rosie remains tight-lipped when Walker questions her about the damage to Jimbo’s car. While Walker is quizzing Frank Jackson, David drops a Mr De Villiers off at the Jackson’s B&B. Who is he?

Elsewhere, Jimbo is visiting Winnie who’s aware that he’s only there to find out if she’ll leave her farm. Jimbo returns home to find Lord Ashfordly waiting: he’s concerned about what Jimbo’s actions are doing to the village. It turns out that Jimbo left Africa following some reckless behaviour. Could Jimbo’s actions have consequences for Lord Ashfordly?

Also, Peggy gets to the bottom of David’s odd behaviour.