Jimmi and Al are feeling playful

Mrs Tembe finds Sid has covered the reception in posters for the antibiotic awareness day. Later, he falls asleep in the staff room, so Jimmi takes a photograph – much to Al’s delight. Mrs Tembe’s disappointed by their behaviour, but when Sid wakes she tells him the awareness day was a success.

Chloe goes into a comic book shop but the owner Damien accuses her of bullying him when they were at school together. Later, Al tells Damien to forgive and forget and he and Chloe part on good terms.

Ayesha gives Amelia a candid assessment of Howard and how annoying he could be. However, she also recalls that he was a man of integrity who went out of his way to help her. Amelia is angry that Howard tried to buy her affection, but Ayesha asks whether that means Howard really did care about her. 

Also, Mrs Tembe knows there is something going on with Valerie, but decides not to pursue it and reassures her that she’s not going to be sacked.