At lunchtime, the staff gathers to hear Jimmi and Cherry announce their engagement. Cherry explains the ring is at the cleaners and gets excited about an engagement party. Later, Cherry obsesses over the wording of an engagement announcement for the local newspaper but when she gets an email telling her it arrived late, she marches down to the newspaper offices in person, returning triumphant. Daniel teases Jimmi about her over-the-top enthusiasm – he’s going to have months of it!

Elaine is in work early and notices that Mrs Tembe seems out of sorts, later finding her asleep in the Sick Bay. When Elaine asks if she’s sleeping OK, Mrs Tembe snaps that it’s none of her business. Elaine buys Mrs Tembe some aromatherapy candles suggesting she should treat herself to a long bath, but after she’s gone Mrs Tembe hands the lot to the cleaner.

Also, Freya comes to blows with Zara as she tries to help a patient hiding a dreadful secret.

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