Jimmi and Cherry have had enough of Dav!

Jimmi arrives back early from his trial and Cherry tells him that she overheard Dav talking on the phone saying he was taking Jimmi for a ride, and that he reckoned he could get a couple of grand out of him to go to Spain.

Jimmi doesn’t believe it and says Cherry is just trying to get rid of Dav. Cherry gives Jimmi Dav’s test results and confesses that she’s had them for a few days, which Jimmi thinks was out of spite. Angry, he leaves the house.

Later, Dav returns home and is sleazy with Cherry before Jimmi returns. Sitting with Dav, Jimmi confesses about the late results – he has Hepatitis A. Dav is understanding and says it’s just nice to have both of them around, which impresses Jimmi. Jimmi mentions – in a matey way – what Cherry said and Dav says he was just having a laugh on the phone, and wonders if Cherry is jealous of their friendship.

Cherry hears this and is horrified, and sits upstairs and listens to them laughing and joking below. Dav mentions the Costa Del Sol and wonders if Jimmi could help him out… with two grand? Jimmi realises that Cherry was telling the truth and tells Dav to go.

Furious, Dav insults them both and leaves. Cherry tries to cheer Jimmi up but he’s melancholic – he’s just lost an old friend.

Elsewhere, Elaine encounters a woman who claims to have travelled forward in time from 1990.

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