Jimmi and Cherry struggle to unite

Jimmi and Cherry have a day off and Cherry makes him do a list of chores. Later, as they drink wine together in silence, Cherry suggests they do a course together or something. Jimmi watches TV uninterested as Cherry clearly struggles to find a way to spice up their relationship.

Julia’s supposed to be recovering at Sally’s house, but is left looking after Chloe. Chloe ends up cutting herself accidentally and Julia has to take her to a cottage hospital. Julia is shocked by how badly the place is run and gives them a piece of her mind. She finds out they are in desperate need of a Primary Care Liason Officer.

Back at Sally’s, Julia looks at the job description, considering it. When Patrick returns he makes a snide comment about Martin and Julia stands up for him, revealing he’s asked her to move away with him. Julia claims she would be even closer to Patrick and Chloe. Stunned, Patrick points out it would be a big change. Julia admits it would be.

Also, Mrs Tembe has to decide how far she will cross the line to help a friend, and in the process has her faith well and truly tested.