Jimmi and Cherry’s home is under threat

Jimmi and Cherry’s dream home is under threat as their buyer threatens to pull out unless they drop the price by £30,000. Jimmi reluctantly agrees but draws the line when they ask him to drop the price by a further £20,000. With no buyer for their house, Jimmi is forced to confront the prospect that he may just have lost them their dream home.

Heston is coy when discussing his date with Marina and finds her flirtatious behaviour at work slightly inappropriate. He asks her to tone things down, but when she produces tickets to the long sold-out Rachmaninoff concert he is bowled over and pulls her into a passionate embrace.

Freya is upset when her breakfast in bed surprise for Bobbie is snubbed as he rushes off. She tells Cherry she’s happy with their casual arrangement, but when Cherry leaves the room it’s clear she doesn’t believe any of it.

Also, Elaine’s latest home visit to a delusional comic writer takes a sinister turn.