Jimmi and Driver probe a tragic baby case

DCI Driver and Jimmi get involved with an older couple, Laura (played by Lisa Riley) and Colin, who have tried for many years for another baby. In flashbacks, we see that a shady Moldovan character, Andrei, offered them baby Sofia, took 15,000 pounds as an upfront fee and promised to return with the baby a week later. But they never saw Andrei or the baby again. Although Driver knows these people acted illegally, she feels great sympathy for them and can’t shake off concern for the baby – just who was she and what happened to her?

Meanwhile, Howard is plotting all day about how to use their scheduled training day. Just as people are leaving he tells them to come into work tomorrow with a pair of trainers and an open mind. Valerie is one of the few who has any enthusiasm so when Howard tactlessly tells her that since she’s a temp she’s actually staying back at The Mill to hold the fort, she is crushed.

Franklyn is hungover, dishevelled and openly gawping at the contestants at the Campus beauty pageant. All this distraction means that Franklyn is doing a terrible job of security and, when a brawl ensues, he’s nowhere to be seen. Since Franklyn has abandoned his post, Barry gives him a summary dismissal.

Franklyn goes home to find his ex-girlfriend and her Mum sitting in the lounge with a mortified Jimmi. These women have only just managed to track Franklyn down and Jimmi has had enough of the chaos of Franklyn’s life. Jimmi says he’s going for a run and, by the time he comes back, he wants Franklyn out of there. Jimmi does thank Franklyn for helping him through the shock of losing Cherry but now he needs to get on his life, quietly and in his own way.