Julia has a shocking start to her day when Cherry hands in her resignation. Julia tries to talk her out of it but Cherry isn’t interested given Julia’s role in Jimmi’s lie. The others try and talk her out of it and later, as she clears out her desk, Cherry admits to Heston that she still loves Jimmi. But it’s just too painful to be around him.

Jimmi offers to go instead of Cherry, who admits she’s jealous of Eva, but Jimmi says he wants to spend his life with her. Cherry does love him, but can’t forgive how much he’s hurt her. Cherry decides to delay resigning and take some time off instead. She bids everyone a tearful farewell.

Elaine is certain everyone knows about her affair with Harrison. Although the topic of the day is Cherry’s resignation, Elaine’s convinced everyone’s gossiping about her and unwittingly reveals to everyone about her affair.

When she realises what she has done her humiliation is complete and she scurries out. Later, Elaine blasts Harrison for not telling her Fiona was pregnant and throws him out.

Also, Lauren ups her game with Daniel and goes into flirting overdrive.