Teenager Luke scrubs away at a charred oven with his bandaged hands and tells his widowed mother to get ready for the doctors. At The Mill, Angela tells Ruth how Luke saved her from a fire in their kitchen.

Angela tells Jimmi that everything’s fine with her anti-depressants and he assures her he’s around if she needs to talk. As Jimmi dresses Luke’s burns, he probes him about his mum, but Luke won’t open up.

Later, Angela is thrilled to learn that the local paper want to write a piece on Luke, the local hero, but he’s annoyed and flees. Back at The Mill, Jimmi consoles Angela, and then the journalist arrives.

Meanwhile, Luke is about to leave home when he finds love leters his mum has been writing to his dead dad and decides to do the interview. Back at The Mill, Luke struggles to explain what happened, so Angela interrupts: Luke accidentally caused the fire as he cooked her dinner.

As Angela reveals how Luke does everything for her, Luke blurts out that he can’t do it anymore. Devastated at what she’s done to her son, Angela agrees to chat to Jimmi and insists that she’ll be cooking from now on.

Also, Daniel has a ‘business meeting’ on the golf course with old friend Jasper, a successful plastic surgeon. Jasper offers Daniel a well-paid job and Daniel appears to consider it. But when he realises Jasper’s willing to operate on young girls, a disgusted Daniel walks away.

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