Jimmi tries to open up to Al

Jimmi Clay wants his best friend to understand why he's going on the Vita course, but that's easier said then done

When Jimmi Clay tells Al that he’s thinking of going on a Vita course, Al can’t believe it. They argue a discourse about religion, and the wider laws of the universe, but cannot meet in the middle. Jimmi suggests that neither of them have all the answers, but that Al thinks he does. It escalates. Will these two fall out for good?

Daniel gets annoyed when pictures of him dressed as a fairy emerge – but Zara teases him, and even dresses him up in a pinnie. Eventually, she admits that their lives are a bit stale and asks him to dress up in a uniform! When he then whispers a suggestion to her, she’s shocked!

Also, Sid has to mediate between a couple who have very different ideas about dealing with a severe illness.